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I have no plans to delete this tripod page, but all updates will occur at tenshi.akuma : Slayers on redrival; the tripod page will no longer be updated.

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hoka ni nanika
The Slayers fanfiction Drinking Game, rants, Magical Slayers Theatre 3000, and other miscellany


Character and couple shrines

My favourite Slayers sites

Welcome to my Slayers site!  I am Elizabeth, the Trickster Priestess.  I can guess what you'e thinking: "why does this strange being call herself the Trickster Priestess?"  Well, at Chaos-chan's suggestion, I tried out for Xelloss' job, so he'd have more free time to "play" with Lina. ^_^  Chaos-chan dubbed me "Trickster Priestess," and thus the name.

So what's at this little Slayers site? My mediocre fanworks, some character (yay Eris!) and couple shrines, nonsense like Magical Slayers Theatre 3000, and other madness. Enjoy!

Last update 24 July 99:
Added Intimacy and First Date. Also began upsating credits, so please read 'em.



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